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If you have recently purchased a car alarm security system then you can do one of two things: Pay someone to install it for you or do a car alarm installation yourself. In these hard economic times most people choose the do it yourself method to not only save time but money as well. It’s not as hard as it may seem to install your own car alarm. You just need to follow the simple steps below and you and your car will be protected in no time at all. 

There are so many different types of alarms on the market so it is a little challenging but I have faith in you. If I can install my own car alarm, I know you can do it. Just keep on reading below.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the car and the alarm unit for installation. You do this by looking at any diagrams of your cars wiring and layout. It is also smart to get all of your materials together ahead of time, such as screwdrivers etc. that you may need. 

Take off any covers, panels etc. that the alarms manual tells you to. Then you mount the siren as the manual tells you to, usually under the hood of the car. It is a good idea to put the module somewhere that is out of sight. 

Run the valet switch as the manual directs. Sometimes you may have to call tech support to help with this part of the car alarm installation if the manual is unclear. 

Next, you will want to wire the external antenna. Troubleshoot to make sure that every wire is connected and everything that needs to be plugged into the alarm is done. 

When you run the LED light, the tech support agent may be helpful to you again if you have problems. At this point, you will want to attach the power wire from the unit to the battery. You will also need to attach a fuse to the power wire as well.

Mount the shock detector. All makes and models are different so this will vary more than any other step you have completed. You may need to call tech support if you run into problems and your manual is not clear.

Consult your manual to complete door lock wiring, consulting a tech if need be. 

Find the starter wire in your car and attach any starter disabling components that the tech support agent tells you too.

Finish up any extra wiring and make sure that everything is attached from the car alarm to the car. At this point the alarm should be up and running. Check over your work to make sure that you didn’t miss anything and your installation should be complete. If there are any problems consult your manual and your tech support agent for further instructions. Although, if you follow these simple steps you should be good to go and security enabled in no time at all.